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Our Product and Service Offerings

    While customer-specific project design is always our first priority, these are examples of our most commonly used templates:

  1. Private Access™ - one-on-one strategic or operating counsel exclusively offered to Company Owners, Corporate Officers and Board members by one of our experienced CEO's.

  2. InterimA™ - short term assignments as an interim COO or in project management designed to bridge the gap between your identified needs and your available resources.

  3. Acuity ™ - a set of specific proof-of-concept tools that enable company decision makers to 'truth-test' their ideas for new strategies, brand or line extensions before they are launched.

  4. The Avalanche™ Series - customized strategic planning, human development and marketplace reconnaissance seminars that increase your team's capacity to achieve your most immediate objectives.

  5. HyperNotes™ - single-themed morning or evening keynote presentations to audiences of a sponsoring organization.

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