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Our Most Important Asset

Our values define who we are…

We are often asked, “…what is the significance of the name ‘New Century Partners’?” The answer is simple. We do everything based on a long-term perspective. How long? For us, every day is the start of the next 100 years! Our Company’s values rest upon (3) three principles:

  1. Integrity by Example – We only accept projects that represent a chance to add specific value. We try earnestly to be servant leaders. We let our work speak for itself. We willingly accept an obligation to serve our community as volunteers.
  2. Innovation – We believe that a constant flow of richly cultivated new ideas and their execution as marketplace action wins the day. Every day. The best that we can offer in every client setting is to bring an energy and perspective that will always challenge the status quo.
  3. Value – Far too much has been said about ‘customer service’ and ‘customer care’. Most of it is empty rhetoric. Our version of ‘value’ is this. You will always get more than you paid for and more than you expected. Period.

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